Target Shoe Hack for Little Girls

Kathryn Richardson

Posted on May 06 2015

Well Cinco De Mayo brought lots of good ideas this year. We went over to our friends house to celebrate and my girlfriend saw Isla's Shoes (knowing fully well my struggle to find Isla cute shoes) and she said I needed to do a blog post on it...So here we go :)

The problem is, I've been on the struggle bus trying to find Isla soft comfortable tennis shoes. She still likes the soft soles and the clunkier ones are harder for her to walk in. I don't blame her. They're rigid and they look like blister central.

And then there's style. I'm personally not a big fan of all the hot pink and princess shoes, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Yesterday I was at Target looking for some shoes for her. As I was looking at the little girl shoes I turned around and found myself liking the boys shoes for their simplicity and solid colors. They weren't trying as hard as the little girl shoes. So I scooped up a pair of some basic white tennis shoes with blue stripes on them here.

I thought all I need to do is paint the stripe pink or gold and TA-DA! So I brought them home and got to work. All in all it took 10 minutes to do and I was pretty proud of my Target Shoe Hack. I might go back and buy the next size up and paint the stripes pink. 

Materials: Spray paint, Paint Brush, Paper plate.

I just simply painted the blue stripes and back of the shoe gold, it's that easy!


Do you have any secret HACKS for your kiddos?



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